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Instead of focusing on the shortcomings of your life yesterday, dare to see what your life could become tomorrow!

The coaching method I learned in Canada, at the Erickson Coaching International program accredited by the International Coaching Federation, is based on a solution-oriented approach. What does this mean? In coaching sessions, we will focus on your internal resources and future skills, discarding past mistakes and current dissatisfaction.

I also incorporate neuroscience principles and meditation into coaching sessions to access deeper layers of your consciousness. The methods used make it easier to change your thinking, attitude, and behavior, as well as create new, inspiring habits that will help you move closer to growth.

A coaching session is a place and space to experience yourself - without masks, judgment, and unsolicited advice.

In addition to coaching sessions, I also use strategic management skills to support you on your journey to leadership development. My goal is not to give you one right recipe for developing and maintaining leadership skills. Instead, in coaching sessions, we will work so that you can find them yourself - to achieve your personal and professional goals today and tomorrow.


Renewal Journey ( EUR 300.00 )

Embracing Your New Beginning in 5 sessions, each per 60 minutes

Customised Support 

Continued Growth (EUR 500.00)
Nurturing Your Transformation in 10 sessions, each per 60 minutes

Customised Support 

Individual Guidance ( EUR 550.00)

Monthly Coaching and Mentoring,

4 sessions, each per 60 minutes, 

Customised Support

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