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Transformation Coach

Empowering & Inspiring Others

Coaching - the support you need to achieve your desires without losing what's important!


Transformational coaching is not just a story of growth and becoming the best version of yourself. Personally, coaching is a story of success that is intertwined with responsibility and self-care. Therefore, I believe that in order for you to become a leader in your personal life or business, it is time to empower yourself.


To build a business, expand your entrepreneurship, or accomplish anything else that may seem almost impossible to you right now, you don't have to sacrifice yourself, your time for your family, or your happiness. In transformational coaching sessions, you will gain inspiration and motivation to become the author of your own life while keeping your values and needs in mind.


In coaching sessions, you will:


- Let go of negative self-perceptions.

- Discover new potential and energy within yourself.

- Unlock your dormant potential.

- See the opportunities that were previously invisible.

- Explore your life goals and possible paths to achieve them.


Take responsibility for your life - I will be by your side, empowering you through coaching methods and allowing you to experience the desired changes! Start with small steps. Start with yourself. Start now.


I support individuals who...

  • .. are willing to grow personally and professionally.

  • .. are willing to overcome challenging transitions.

  • .. are ready to take action steps towards their values-driven goals.

  • .. are willing to explore their values, assumptions and limiting beliefs.

  • .. are ready to shift their mindset towards growth and positivity.

  • .. are ready to level up their energy , creativity and motivation.

  • .. are willing to create healthier relationships.

  • .. are willing to find better balance in life.

  • .. are ready to take a commitment towards changing for better.


Change is inevitable.

However, the process of how we transform, can be designed by ourselves.

I will support you and together we'll walk this path with inspiration and ease.

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Our one-on-one sessions will allow you to have a thought partner that will inspire, support, and cheer you. You will also receive my support all the way via messages and email.

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 Use this call as an excellent opportunity to see whether we are a good match to move forward. 

What you do makes a difference.


HR Manager

The best decision I've made recently is to accept the challenge and agree to talk with Evita about things and events that have been cornerstones in my life for some time and I couldn't get over them. Coaching showed me that I also have the choice to think differently. Thank you for the encouragement and advice, which was a valuable support on the way to a new level of my development!



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